General Questions


Where do I print a “certificate of attendance”?

AAACN does not mail certificates of attendance. If you require proof of attendance or simply a record, we recommend printing your certificates; you receive one certificate per evaluated session.


Special Interest Groups (SIGS)


Can I attend a SIG Session if I’m not a member of AAACN?

You do not have to be a member of AAACN to attend a SIG session during the conference, however, you will have to become a AAACN member if you want to join a SIG.


Certification Review Course


Can I add the Certification Review Course after I am already registered?

Print the registration form, write your name at the top and “already registered, adding CRC” in the margin, complete the payment section, and send to aaacn@aaacn.org.

Do I have to attend the whole conference if I’m only interested in the Certification Review Course?

No, you are welcome to attend the Review Course only. Simply register through the conference website for the course only.


Financial Questions


I think I was overcharged when I registered.

Your fee is based on your membership status, the date you register (before or after the Early Bird deadline), and whether you qualify for additional discounts (certification or presenter discount). You should receive a receipt automatically at your primary email address. Please contact the National Office with your concern.

I need an invoice so my employer can pay.

Please contact the National Office with this request: aaacn@aaacn.org

I need a receipt for my employer.

You should have received a receipt automatically at your primary email address (check your spam folder). If you don’t find it, or need something with additional detail, such as the credit card information used for the transaction, email the National Office with exactly what you need.

I/My facility sent payment a month ago and I haven’t heard anything.

First, please check your spam folder. Sometimes the email is blocked or filtered to spam. If you don’t find it there, and you think your facility has sent a check and you still have questions, call 800-262-6877, press 5 then 1 and the National Office will help you.

Please email the National Office and supply the check number, date, amount, and facility name. [If your employer paid, it is also recommended to follow up with your Accounts Payable department to verify payment was sent.]

How can I attend the conference at a reduced rate?

AAACN supports the advancement of ambulatory care nurses and nursing practice through providing excellence, scholarship, and/or research awards to qualified applicants.

We offer 3 conference scholarships:

*Applicant does not need to be a AAACN member to apply for this scholarship but does need to be recommended by a current AAACN member.

We hope all your questions and concerns have been addressed regarding the 49th Annual Conference on April 2-6, 2024. In the event we missed something, please send us an email with your question/concern: aaacn@aaacn.org


In Person Sessions

Can I make session changes?

Print the registration form, write your name at the top and “already registered, updating sessions”. Complete the sessions section at the bottom and email to aaacn@aaacn.org.

Note: You will not receive a confirmation email for session changes.
If you’d like to confirm we received it, please contact the National Office and request a confirmation email reflecting your changes.